first bath

Landon after first bath given by mommy! :)




Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in writing updates, my mom has been in ICU in another hospital and so my time lately has been split between my Mom and Landon. My mom is improving, but still in ICU and has a long recovery ahead of her. I am so thankful for the continuous support of so many people including each of you who take time out of your busy schedules for us.

Landon has grown so much since the last update on April 26th! They moved him to the Graduate NICU, which is where he will stay until coming home. He is breathing on his own with a little help from some oxygen and they have taken him completely off the big, bulky CPAP Oxygen Mask, which is a another huge step in him coming home.
Recently, we began doing Kangaroo care on a daily basis, which means Bobby and I get skin to skin contact with Landon. They place Landon directly on our chest, skin to skin. This is very beneficial to preemies and their parents. The first time I felt Landon move against my skin was incredible-words can't describe what it felt like.

Landon is much more alert than he was a few weeks ago and becoming more aware of his surroundings. Sometimes, when its time to leave him for the day, I cry because it hurts to separate from him. Soon though, he will be under our roof and in our arms at any time him and I desire.